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Compact Dry – Easy Test Method for Counting Microorganisms in Food

Compact Dry are ready-to-use dry media sheets: sterile, with up to 18 months shelf life at room temperature, liquid samples are presented directly onto the solid cartridge where it self diffuses, following incubation the counting grid helps result interpretation.

Compact Dry TC (Total Count in Food Samples)
Metabolizing bacteria form red colonies due to the redox indicator tetrazolium salt. Food residues are easily to distinguish, because they do not change the color.

Compact Dry EC (E. coli and Coliforms)
Bacteria form blue and red colonies due to the chromogenic substrates
-> X-Gluc: blue E.coli colonies
-> Magenta-Gal: red coliform colonies

Compact Dry CF (Coliforms)
Coliforms form blue/blue green colonies due to the chromogenic substrate X-Gal
The medium is mainly selective for coliforms, non-coliforms do not form colored colonies

Advantages of Compact Dry
Presented as a solid cartridge in packs of four units, Compact Dry plates are completely stackable and can be stored at room temperature. Extremely quick and convenient, the sample is self diffusable requiring just 70 seconds hands on set up time. After incubation any colonies required for further analysis can be picked off in the normal manner.

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Posted on February 25, 2005