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Millipore Offers New Validation Service Plans

Millipore Corporation now have service contracts specifically designed for customers working in a validation environment. For pharmaceutical companies operating according to good manufacturing practices (GMP), periodic documented maintenance and requalification are regulatory requirements for their operation. Now Millipore's service plans integrate the requalification component as part of the routine, documented system maintenance.

Trained and certified Millipore engineers perform both the maintenance and requalification process using calibrated devices. The full test includes all the hydraulic, electronic and monitoring functions. These service plans also are designed to offer the same benefits as the other Millipore plans such as increased system longevity, water quality optimization, investment savings and priority status.

Customers are eligible for a discount on their entire order when purchasing a validation service contract simultaneously. Those procuring the customer care plus plan also benefit, when a part is replaced, from a systematic, complementary requalification and/or documented verification in order to comply perfectly with the requirements for part replacements.

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Posted on September 12, 2005