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New NovaSeal™ for Sampling, Transporting or Transferring Sterile Fluids

Millipore Corporation now have the innovative NovaSeal™ crimping solution for use with single-use disposable assemblies. Today's biopharmaceutical industry requires accurate, safe and easy to use single-use technologies that not only meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, but also improve speed to market. As part of the Mobius™ family of disposable bioprocessing technologies, the NovaSeal solution is ideal for sampling, transporting or transferring fluid, while ensuring sterility is maintained and the fluid is securely protected from the outside environment at all times.

The NovaSeal solution combines a patented crimping tool and tubing pinch pipes pre-mounted on the tubing of your Mobius™ disposable assembly. The NovaSeal solution is a simple and practical crimping approach that is easy to handle and use. The patented design of the manual crimping tool first crimps the metallic pinch pipe ensuring a proper seal, then cuts the tubing into two sterile fluid paths.

Go Mobius. NovaSeal crimping solution is part of the Mobius flexible suite of technologies that together provide an integrated disposable solution to improve process efficiency in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. From turnkey assemblies including process containers, capsule filters and connectors, to enabling technologies and a tiered set of validation packages, Mobius solutions provide faster turnaround time and reliable performance.

For more information, please contact Millipore Customer or Technical Service at 1-800-MILLIPORE or visit www.millipore.com/bioprocess .

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Posted on January 9, 2007