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Millipore Now Offers Validation Services for Elix® Clinical Water Purification Systems

Millipore now have the availability of validation and qualification services for the Elix® Clinical water purification systems.

More and more, validation is seen as one of the most effective ways to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. Recently, the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute™ (CLSI) ™ issued a new guideline for "Preparation and Testing of Reagent Water in the Clinical Laboratory" that addressed the merits and importance of validation for water purification systems. Specifically designed to meet this need, Millipore's validation service give the user peace of mind in knowing that their system has been installed and is operating according to pre-determined specifications. Validation and qualification services for Millipore's Analyzer Feed Systems (AFS® system) for clinical labs will be available in the near future.

Millipore starts with the design of the water purification systems. The monitoring devices and purification media are chosen for the clinical market environment. Millipore not only has developed qualification protocols to address the specific requirements of the validation process, but also has designed specialized tools that facilitate the process. By utilizing these protocols, customers save time and resources. Additionally, Millipore field service engineers are trained in validation practices and can perform the qualifications on site. Millipore's service organization has a 10-year history of qualifying water purification systems in various industries.

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Posted on August 14, 2006