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New High Retention Sterilizing-grade PES Filters Protect Against Mycoplasma Contamination

Millipore have introduced Millipore Express® SHR (Sterile High-Retention) filters providing sterilizing-grade performance and mycoplasma removal across a range of applications including cell culture media and media additives, process intermediates and other biological fluids.

These filters deliver validated sterilizing-grade filtration and reliable mycoplasma removal for enhanced sterility assurance, high flow rates for improved process efficiency and an on-board PES membrane prefilter for extended filter capacity and lower filtration costs.

The sterilizing-grade Millipore Express SHR 0.1-µm rated filters are available in a range of formats including: membrane disks (25 mm, 47 mm, 90 mm and 142 mm); cartridge filters ranging in size from 5- to 30-inches; OptiScale® disposable scaling devices; and Opticap® XL and XLT autoclavable or gamma-compatible capsules.

Millipore Express SHR devices are a part of the Millipore Express family of PES filters, including Millipore Express SHF high flow filters for buffer filtration, and Millipore Express SHC high capacity devices for filtration of serum-free media and other moderate- to high-fouling process intermediates.

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Posted on October 17, 2005