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Microgen GNA-ID has Achieved Validation by AOAC-RI

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The Microgen GNA-ID, a miniaturised biochemical identification system for commonly encountered Enterobacteriaceae, has been granted AOAC-RI approval.

The Microgen GNA-ID has been extensively evaluated at Microgen Bioproducts and externally to show, that with 1 morphologically characteristic colony isolated on selective or chromogenic media, the system accurately identified all strains of E. coli (40/40) and all serotypes of Salmonella species (56/56) tested. The extensive evaluations also showed that other species of Enterobacteriaceae would not be incorrectly identified as E. coli or Salmonella spp. and when factors such as inoculum density, inoculum volume and incubation varied from the recommended protocol, the system maintained a high level of accuracy.
The Microgen GNA-ID can be combined with the Microgen GNB-ID system to form a 24 substrate system which will allow the end-user to identify a wide range of oxidase-positive Gram-negative Bacilli. As with all the Microgen-ID systems, the Microgen GNA+B-ID system utilises an easy-use computer database employing up-to-date taxonomy, with regular updates to the software available for customers registered as software users.

The Microgen ID range includes tests for:
  • AOAC approved system for Listeria species, which includes a micro-haemolysis reaction.
  • Streptococci, Enterococci and related species of clinical, animal health, food and environmental importance.
  • Staphylococci of clinical, animal health and environmental importance.
  • Mesophilic Bacillus species and related genera associated with food poisoning and food spoilage.
Microgen Bioproducts Ltd is part of the Lab21 group of companies.

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Posted on July 5, 2011