Pathchek™ Hygiene Monitoring Test Now Available in Asia-Pacific Region

Pathchek Hygiene Test Pathchek™ Hygiene Monitoring Test

Microgen Bioproducts have now released for customers in the ASIA - PACIFIC REGION ONLY. The Pathchek™ Hygiene, a simple and rapid hygiene monitoring test for all food handling and manufacturing environments.

The Pathchek™ Hygiene is a chemical based test based on the detection of protein, a common component of most food types. This test is not targeted specifically at bacteria, as they are largely composed of protein they will make a contribution to any positive result. When cleaning procedures are not effective or have been performed poorly, both food residues and bacteria will be present and will result in a positive reaction.

Pathchek™ Hygiene is provided in a simple peel open plastic pouch which contains a pre moistened swab for sampling test surfaces. After sampling, the swab is returned to the pouch and pushed down into the developing reagent. If positive (indicating the presence of food residues and bacteria), a colour reaction (green to blue) will develop within 5 seconds.
Features include:

• No training or equipment required.
• No mixing or preparation of reagents required.
• No laboratory facilities required.

• Results within 5 seconds.

• Detects a wide range of food types.
• Detects as low as 0.02mg (20µg) of protein

• Suitable for every food handling and processing situation

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Posted on March 17, 2004