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The Revolution in Microbiological Sample Preparation Continues!

The Revolution in Microbiological Sample Preparation; The Pulsifier, is now included as a recommended method for food sample preparation for microbiological analysis in ISO 7218:2007(E), Microbiology of Food and Animal Feeding Stuffs.

The Pulsifier employs a revolutionary technology to produce samples more suitable for rapid microbiology methods, as processed samples feature less food matrix destruction and a cleaner aqueous phase, which is shown to make filtration and pipetting easier, minimising interference with PCR or flow cytometry techniques.

ISO 7218:2007(E) states the Pulsifier is suitable for most foodstuffs including sharp, hard or dry foods which peristaltic homogenisers (Stomacher) are not suitable for use with, due to bag breakage.

ISO 7218:2007(E) also states the Pulsifier has the quickest run-time of 0.5-1 minute but evaluations have shown that there is no increase in bacterial recovery after 15 seconds, making the Pulsifier the most versatile and fastest instrument for microbiological sample preparation.

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Posted on January 15, 2008