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Path-Chek Hygiene Pathogen System for Food Environments

Food Pathogen Swab

Microgen Bioproducts has released the Path-Chek Hygiene Pathogen System for the detection of important food-borne pathogens (Listeria spp, Coliforms and Salmonella spp.) from work surfaces and manufacturing equipment in food handling and manufacturing environments.

The pathogen detection system consists of two units; a pre-moistened swab, which has the benefit of neutralising the effects of cleaning solutions and improving bacteria recovery from dry surfaces; and a highly specific and sensitive detection media which gives results by providing a clear visual colour change in 18-24 hours for Coliforms and Salmonella spp. and 30-48 hours for Listeria spp., if specific organisms are present on surfaces.

The pathogen detection system meets the requirements of ISO: 18395:2004(E) and is compliant with the requirements of USDA, FSIS and BAM but unlike similar methods does not require a pre-enrichment step. The use of the Path-Chek Hygiene Pathogen Swab provides a rapid, easy-to-use and cost-effective method of pathogen and hygiene monitoring, which should be part of any comprehensive HACCP plan.

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Posted on October 30, 2007