Identification System for Staphylococci - New Microgen™ Staph ID

Staphylococci identification
Staphylococcal identification with Staph ID

In response to the need for an accurate, easy-to-use and cost effective identification system for clinically important Staphylococci, Microgen Bioproducts has developed the Microgen™ Staph ID.

The Microgen™ Staph ID can identify all species of Staphylococcus related to humans, both as commensals, opportunistic pathogens, and established pathogens. The kit may also be used to identify species of environmental and animal health significance.

The Microgen™ Staph ID test panel consists of 13 biochemical tests specifically formulated to identify the target group of organisms. When used in conjunction with a coagulase or Staphylococcal latex agglutination test, these test panels provide identification of Staphylococci within 24 hours of inoculation. The interpretation of results is provided with an easy-to-use computer database employing up-to-date taxonomy. Regular updates to the software are available at no charge for customers registered as software users. Each kit is contains sufficient test panels for 20 identifications.

The Microgen™ Staph ID is quick to set up and simple to read, providing a very effective means of identify these organisms which are often simply classified as Coagulase Negative Staphylococci because existing methods are both laborious and expensive.

This is the latest addition to the family of innovative Microgen ID systems including Gram Negative Bacilli, Listeria spp and Bacillus spp.

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Posted on March 1, 2006