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EZ-CFU™ One Step Lyophilized Microorganism Preparations Stable for 8 hours

EZ-CFU One Step QC Organisms
After a thorough study and validation process, the MicroBioLogics Research and Development Team has confirmed that their EZ-CFU™ One Step product line will perform to its specifications for up to 8 hours after hydration, if the suspension is refrigerated between use.

Previously the product, designed specifically for pharmaceutical QC Laboratories performing Growth Promotion Tests, had to be used within 30 minutes of hydration.
EZ-CFU™ One Step lyophilized microorganism preparations are manufactured to deliver less
than 100 Colony Forming Units (CFU) per 0.1 mL of hydrated suspension, which meets the requirements for Growth Promotion Testing of Media under the USP Guidelines (USP 32 Chapter <61>).

MicroBioLogics Industrial Products Manager, April Miceli, states, 'We're always looking for ways to improve our products to better suit our customers' needs. Now that EZ-CFU™ One Step offers up to 8 hours of stability, our customers can really save a lot of time and money.' Miceli adds, 'The added value of this product is important at a time when laboratories continue to be challenged with stringent regulatory requirements and shrinking budgets.' MicroBioLogics manufactures EZ-CFU™ One Step in nearly 40 different microorganism strains,
all derived from well-known culture collections including ATCC®, NCTC and NCIMB.

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Posted on February 12, 2009