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MicroBioLogics Acquires Gibson Laboratories

MicroBioLogics, Inc. has acquired the assets of Gibson Laboratories and established a new, wholly-owned subsidiary, Gibson Laboratories, LLC. Gibson Laboratories, based in Lexington, Kentucky, will retain key members of its management team who will report to MicroBioLogics CEO, Robert Coborn. Gibson Laboratories founder and CEO, Cecil Gibson, announced his retirement from the business concurrently with the transaction.

Since its founding in 1989, Gibson Laboratories has demonstrated success in specialty media products, microorganisms,diagnostics, and proficiency testing supplies. Gibson Laboratories has been active and successful in new product development. The company also does contract manufacturing for several well-known clients. Gibson´s list of customers
includes hospital and healthcare laboratories as well as food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

MicroBioLogics brings a worldwide distribution system and its own complementary line of branded microorganism products to the portfolio of the combined company. MicroBioLogics manufactures and distributes microbes into more than 100 countries worldwide, with more than 12,000 distinct end-users.

'We expect a high degree of continuity with the Gibson business, and we hope to expand the distribution of Gibson´s products through our international network of distributors,' said Robert Coborn. 'Looking forward, we expect to collaborate with Gibson employees on new product development that will serve our combined customer base.'

Bob White, Granite Equity´s Board Chair at MicroBioLogics added, 'Gibson has great customers, excellent employees, and a well-known brand. We are glad to see the company join our team. We believe this acquisition will help us fulfill our mission to provide the highest quality biomaterials for a safer, healthier world.'

MicroBioLogics, majority owned by Granite Equity Partners, was founded in the early 1970´s as a chemistry lab testing business, and has grown into one of the world´s leading producers of lyophilized microorganisms serving the global microbiology quality control, detection, identification and diagnostic markets.

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Posted on January 6, 2009