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Continuous High Throughput Petridish Filling with Integral Barcode Printer

The new Petriswiss PS900P from BioTool AG allows continuous high throughput petridish-filling, labelling and stacking to user defined requirements. The effective linear design maximizes flexibility of dish loading and unloading, allowing continuous preparation of up to 1300 dishes / hour. Automatic dish stacking on an extendable table removes the need for unit downtime due to long cooling periods.

The integral, high contrast, alpha-numeric and barcode printer adds a new ID dimension via label application to the dish side facilitating unobstructed colony counting.

The intuitive software features touch-screen operation for maximum convenience and ease of use and is common to the PetriSwiss product range.

A well designed media pourer should not compromise plate handling! The effective linear design of the PS900 from BioTool AG allows users to choose a manageable stack height for post-preparation handling, cooling and minimising condensation problems.

There is a BioTool media handling product for all requirements from simple manual pumps to the fully automated PS900P.

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Posted on September 15, 2005

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