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The DosiPump DP1000 for Precise, Reproducible Dosing

Biotool AG have announced the introduction of the DosiPump DP1000 - an intelligent controlled pump for precise and reproducible dosing applications.

Incorporating a unique 10-roller pump head the DosiPump eliminates pulsation effects that are incumbent with many conventional peristaltic pumping systems. The result is reproducible pumping of exact doses (+/- 0.1 ml) on volumes up to 10 litres.

Offering facility for single-volume dosing, dilutions, pipetting and multiple dosing the easy-to-operate DosiPump provides the versatility to undertake any application requiring fast and reproducible dispensing of exact volumes. Equipped with intuitive intelligent software (in German and English), accessible via a convenient touchscreen interface, any operator can be productively using the DosiPump after minimal instruction.

Affordably priced the high performance DosiPump incorporates AntiDrop drip suppression technology preventing dri pping between dispensing operations thus reducing the risk of contamination. Built to the highest Swiss quality standards the DosiPump is simple to maintain, its sturdy housing being easy to clean and resistant to chemicals.

Drawing upon many years experience of the needs of laboratories and through consultation with leading researchers, BioTool AG has developed a new generation of high quality instruments with enhanced performance and reliability to accelerate the workflow in your laboratory.

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Posted on March 15, 2005

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