Puritan Customization Capabilities


Highly specific ELISA for the detection of Treponema
IgA/ IgG/ IgM Antibodies

  • CE marked alternative to TPHA or TPPA.
  • Serum or plasma samples require no pre-dilution. 100µl sample can be added directly to the well.
  • Detection of all antibody isotypes. Especially useful for identification of patients with early disease.
  • Incubation temperature 37°C. Highly standardized incubation conditions.
  • Sample incubation time (in general 1 hour) can be modified to enhance high throughput on an EIA processor or robot.
  • High sensitivity for all stages of syphilis.
  • Specificity of 99.7%, no cross reactions due to e.g. Lyme Borreliosis.

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Posted on February 14, 2008