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Mast's Contribution to the Fight against Increasing Antibiotic Resistance

Widespread antibiotic resistance represents one of the greatest threats and challenges to healthcare on a global scale, prompting calls for concerted action as therapy options become increasingly limited by the emergence of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Events such as ReAct World Health Day aim to increase awareness of the impact of antibiotic resistance in both political and scientific communities, as international surveillance by agencies such as EARS-Net document an increasing prevalence of resistance to third generation cephalosporins associated with ESbL producing Enterobacteriaceae.

Clinicians and researchers are increasingly advocating strategies to maintain antibiotic potency, through the use of better diagnostic tools to guide and control dosage and therapy duration. Similarly, companies in the healthcare sector are being urged to accelerate the development of accessible new drugs together with more informative in vitro diagnostics.

Mast has responded to this challenge by continually updating its portfolio of L detection discs to encompass and differentiate between the various resistance enzymes. The use of antibiotic and enzyme inhibitor combination disc sets offers a reliable and low cost method for identification and detection of extended spectrum b lactamase enzymes by a simple comparison of the corresponding zone sizes.

Furthermore, by offering a range of antibiotic combinations, Mast's ESbL detection discs comply with a range of standard methodologies, making them an appropriate choice for laboratories across the world, striving to control the spread of resistance.

This is becoming increasingly critical as growing awareness of the association of false cephalosporin susceptibility associated with AmpC b lactamases has highlighted their detection as crucial, to ensure prudent use of carbapenem antibiotics.

The forthcoming introduction of Mast's New AmpC Detection Set minimises the risks of erroneous susceptibility reporting, accommodating the detection of all AmpC resistance mechanisms and streamlining laboratory testing.

Visitors to the Mast booth at ECCMID, Milan, 7-10th May,2011 will have an opportunity to preview the benefits this new combination disc set offers for comprehensive screening for extended spectrum b lactamases.

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Posted on April 20, 2011