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Seeplex kit offers WHO parameters for Influenza testing

MAST Group have launched the Seeplex Influenza A/B OneStep PCR assay. Utilising patented DPO technology to ensure high sensitivity and specificity, the innovative multiplex PCR assay has markers for the following:
  • Influenza A (MP)

  • Human influenza A-H3 (HA)

  • Human influenza A-H1 (HA)

  • Swine influenza A-H1 (HA)

  • Influenza B (PB1)

The World Health Organisation´s algorithm for confirmation of pandemic H1N1 states:
'PCR — A sample is considered positive if results from tests using two different PCR targets (e.g. primers specific for universal M gene and swine H1 haemagglutinin gene) are positive but the PCR for human H1 + H3 is negative'.

This alignment with WHO recommendations ensures that laboratories have the confidence to independently report confirmed cases of the pandemic H1N1 strains. It also offers clinicians a valuable tool in differentiating between seasonal and pandemic influenza, allowing them to provide the appropriate anti viral therapy to patients when necessary.
The Influenza A/B OneStep PCR is also the first in the Seeplex range to offer a single reverse transcriptase and PCR step. This reduces the amount of hands-on time needed and also improves the turn-around time to getting a result.

The Seeplex group of products offers customers a single platform for multiple test parameters. The Influenza A/B kit is the latest in the range of Seeplex kits which includes multiplex assays for respiratory viruses (5,12 & 15), meningitis, diarrhoea and STI´s amongst others. The simple to use, rapid, easily integrated platform enables laboratories to implement a lean testing protocol that can reduce hands-on time, staff training and also help make best use of laboratory space.

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Posted on November 16, 2009