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Multiplex Meningitis Test Simultaneous Detection - 15 Bacteria and Viruses

MAST Group is have launched the new CE-marked Seeplex Meningitis multiplex PCR test from Seegene.

Working direct from CSF, the test is able to simultaneously detect viral and bacterial pathogens in just 5 hours. The kit can be used as a whole or as 3 individual panels:

Viral 1 Viral 2 Bacteria
HSV1 Enteroviruses S.pneumoniae
HSV2 - Poliovirus N.meningitidis
VZV - Echovirus H.influenzae type B
EBV - Coxsackievirus L.monocytogenes
CMV*   S.agalactiae



Current laboratory practices generally mean that results are delayed due to either referring the work or being reliant on culture based methods for limited detection. Using the Seeplex Meningitis kit, laboratories will be able to quickly report a confirmed result, which will in turn allow clinicians to offer a more timely diagnosis and provide the most appropriate treatment for their patients.

The meningitis kit is the latest in the Seeplex range that already offers multiplex assays for, amongst others, respiratory viruses, pneumobacter and STI detection. The growing portfolio of products allows MAST to offer laboratories a single platform for multiple molecular parameters.

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*CE mark to follow

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Posted on August 15, 2009