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Aerosol Disinfection made easier with MobiWatch® MaxiBIO

Now you can get full reassurance of efficient infection control and ensure absolutely all your surfaces are fully decontaminated when using the new MobiWatch® MaxiBIO dry mist decontamination system.

Exclusively available from Anachem, MobiWatch effectively eliminates microorganisms when used in conjunction with MicroSol3+® Sporicide, providing you with an efficient deep cleaning procedure for any laboratory or clinical environment. It comprehensively decontaminates not only accessible areas but out-of-reach surfaces as well. The system can quickly and effectively treat areas up to 500m3 with personal being able to return to the treated area within 4 hours of decontamination.

The pressusired MicroSol3+ Sporicide solution is automatically sprayed within the targeted area via a dry-mist nozzle, which generates <10 micron particles, providing 100% saturation of the area and giving a sterile and residue-free environment.

MobiWatch MaxiBIO is operated by a timer, which allows personnel to safely leave the area to be disinfected before the procedure begins. MobiWatch provides a comprehensive, low cost deep clean system. It doesn't require any labour intensive procedures, freeing up your personnel's time plus the process is completed within a matter of hours minimising your overall downtime. The unit's small footprint and light weight (345mm x 320mm x 320mm, 11 kg) allows it to be easily moved to decontaminate areas where and when required.

Anachem recommends that MobiWatch is exclusively used with MicroSol3+ Sporicide, for which it has been developed. Based on the selected treatment density with the disinfecting compound, MobiWatch may treat up to 500m3 (if applied dosage is 4ml/m3). The optimal treatment volume for MobiWatch is however recommended not to exceed 500m3 (even at lower density spraying) to guarantee an optimized mist spread. Contact us now using the contact details at the top of this page to arrange a demonstration in your laboratory.

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Posted on January 16, 2009