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Mupid-One™ Complete Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

Anachem´s latest addition to its product range, Mupid-One™, is an integrated gel casting tray, power supply and gel box all in one complete unit. It allows you to separate DNA or protein bands from 100bp to 23kb or 20k to 350kD in length. The system has been specifically designed to provide an extremely safe and easy to use system for all levels of experience.

There are various features to ensure safe and easy handling making it ideal for teaching laboratories. An Interlock System prevents electrical shock and the main power cannot be operated without the lid. The detachable power supply makes the discarding of buffer solutions simple and buffer drains located at two of the tanks corners enable easy draining. The electrophoresis tank can be simply washed with boiling water. A water guide prevents dripping while opening the cover and provides good drainage.

Mupid-One is completely compatible with Multichannel Pipettes due to the matched comb pitch teeth. Up to 104 samples (96 samples + 8 markers) can be easily loaded with a multichannel pipette. Agarose gel solutions up to 100ºC can be poured directly into the gel tray making gel-casting times shorter.

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Posted on October 29, 2008