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New Liquidator 96 - Fast, 96-Well Pipetting and No Complex Programming

Now available from Anachem Ltd., the Rainin Liquidator 96 is a fast, ready-to-use manual bench top pipetting system. Accurate and efficient, it maximizes your workflow, without the need for complicated programming or dedicated technician time. Liquidator 96 truly bridges the gap, for rapid plate filling, between manual multichannel pipetting and expensive, complex, fully automated platforms.

This incredibly fast system can improve efficiency in a wide variety of plate based applications. Using the Liquidator 96, a novice operator unfamiliar with the system can fill ten 96-well plates accurately and reproducibly with 100µl/well of solution from a single reservoir, using the same tips, in less than 4 minutes, which is equivalent to 20 seconds per plate.

Liquidator 96 has an incredibly small footprint of only 38cm wide X 33cm deep X 40cm high. It is completely mobile and fits anywhere on your bench or in a laminar flow cabinet. It operates just like a manual pipette so is immediately available for use by all researchers, without the need for specialist technical knowledge or even access to a power supply. The low forces required to load and eject the patented Liquidator LTS tips makes it comfortable to use all day long
Many applications can now be considered operationally feasible with the new Liquidator 96, providing greater flexibility to every lab and enabling a broader variety of throughput strategies that were not possible before. All aspects of genomic, proteomic and glycomic research can now take advantage of the flexibility of the Liquidator 96 in a diverse range of applications.

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Posted on October 10, 2008