New Gilson PIPETMAN Neo Starter and PCR Kits

Following the successful introduction of the Gilson PIPETMAN Neo, Anachem has released the New Starter and PCR Kits. These kits each contain three PIPETMAN Neo plus a range of complementary accessories making them an economical and easy way to get your pipetting off to a great start.

Gilson PIPETMAN Neo gives you the precision, accuracy, reliability and robustness of the pipette you´ve trusted for years but with the added benefit of reduced pipetting forces. It´s newly engineered springs enhance user comfort to address the growing concern for the risks of Repetitive Strain Injury.

The new design ensures reduction in both pipetting forces (up to 60%) and purge forces (up to 37%) to provide much greater comfort, particularly during prolonged use. PIPETMAN Neo operates under the same precision engineered, grease free sealing system as the PIPETMAN Classic to ensure the level of performance that scientists worldwide have relied upon for over 35 years.

The new PIPETMAN Neo Starter (P20N, P200N & P1000N) and PCR (P10N, P100N, p1000N) Kits address the ergonomic issue further by including Gilson's new hands-free microtube opener, the Jimmy™. It fits directly on the pipette, so is always ready to use and can open both screw cap and snap top tubes. Jimmy is convenient, helps prevent strain injuries and sore thumbs as well as eliminating any contamination risks. The kits also contain three single pipette hangers, Gilson Diamond Tipacks and technical information including Gilson´s Guide to pipetting, Three Minute Inspection Guide and Pocket Product Guides.

The PIPETMAN Neo PCR Kit enables users to fully optimize each PCR step due to the high level of accuracy and precision for which PIPETMAN is renowned. By including Gilson´s sterilized Diamond filter tips, the kit offers continued contamination reduction, critical for PCR protocols. The large pipetting range of the kits covers every pipetting step of the PCR procedure to create easy sample handling and precise dilution, performed day after day using the minimal possible effort.

PIPETMAN Neo is the pipette that has earned your complete trust and offers the ultimate solution for all your ergonomic concerns. Contact Anachem today for further details on the new PIPETMAN Neo Starter and PCR Kits.

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Posted on July 15, 2008