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4seal™ Variable Temperature Plate Heat Sealer & Seals

The 4seal™ Variable Temperature Thermal Sealer is a low to medium throughput manual heat sealer. Compatible with a wide range of seals and plates of differing heights with the appropriate plate adapter.

Sample evaporation is eliminated when using heat sealing due to the 100% hermetic seal created between the raised rim of each well in the reaction plate and the heat seal. It offers superior sample protection for your storage and reaction plates in applications including compound storage, sample archiving and PCR.

The variable temperature heating element of the sealer allows for the optimisation of all seals and plates ensuring no damage to the plate, seal or sample. The counter lever handle mechanism ensures the correct pressure is applied with an ergonomic design, minimising the force required. Combined with the variable temperature element is a programmable count down timer and alarm that ensures the correct pressure, temperature and time are used for optimal sealing.

With a heat sealing temperature range of 125°C-200°C, the 4seal offers you a versatile, compact unit. With its selectable temperature setting to suit a variety of sealing films and with a heat sealing time of 1-9 seconds the 4seal is ideal for your sealing applications.

The rapid heating element gives a quick start-up and with its single sealing action operation, there is no need to rotate your plate to ensure an effective seal across the entire plate. Adaptors for all plate varieties are available and the unit is compatible with Deep Well plates also. The 4seal has a stable safe design, is CE Marked and comes with a 2 year guarantee on the mechanical mechanism, giving you complete peace of mind.

Anachem offers a wide range of 4titude heat sealing materials, including those with clear, pierceable, peelable and solvent resistant properties. Applications include PCR, QPCR, compound storage, low temperature storage and sample shipping.
To arrange a demonstration of the 4seal heat sealer in your laboratory or for the complete listing of heal seals available contact Anachem using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on June 25, 2008