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New Anachem Range of Water Purification Systems and Support

Pure water is at the core of everything you do, whether you use it to rinse your glassware or to make up buffers, to dilute standards or to reconstitute cell culture media. If your pure water is not as pure as you think or need it to be, it could have a detrimental affect on your results, wasting your time and money.

Anachem is pleased to launch its new range of water purification systems. The Anachem HF NW range of water purification units will provide you with high quality water for all your laboratory applications and ensure you have pure water on hand, whenever you need it.
The New Anachem HF NW Range provides you with:-
  • Quality Water - Supplies you Type 1 water direct from a tap water feed

  • Money Savings - No need for expensive pre-purification equipment

  • Integral High Flow Rates - reverse osmosis (RO) function produces up to 30L/hour

  • Convenience & Flexibility - provides two different grades of water from just one unit saving you valuable bench space. RO Type 3 water is available direct from the storage tank.

Four different versions of the NW series (basic, UV, UF or VF) ensure that you can choose the system that produces the quality of water required for all your applications.
Also available is the PW Series which produces high flow, economical Type 1 water from a pre-purified feed. This system is ideal as a point of use polisher where a Type 2/3 ring main has already been installed. The ROP series providing Type 2 ( water economically at flow rates up to 70L/hour and the RO Series produces Type 3 water at flow rates up to 70L/hour. With all these options there is a model in the economical & space saving Anachem HF range to satisfy all your water purification needs.

Water Purification Systems Support
Anachem can service and carry out a programme of preventative maintenance on your laboratory water systems, we will even change the cartridges for you. Following our engineers visit you will have renewed confidence that the water you dispense from your Anachem water purification system continues to be ultra pure.

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Posted on June 11, 2008