Rainin Reagent Reservoirs are Stable, Stackable and Sterile

The new Rainin reagent reservoirs now available from Anachem are made from sterile polypropylene to prevent contamination of your samples. They are even available with lids to protect your reagents outside a sterile cabinet and enable stacking while reagent remains in the reservoir, saving space.

The Rainin reservoirs have a large 75ml capacity saving time by avoiding the need for frequent refilling and making them ideal for applications of repetitive, large-volume single channel or multichannel pipetting. The reservoirs have calibration marks at 10ml, 30ml and 60 ml on the inside of the wall allowing easy assessment of the remaining volume. Grooves are all interconnected at their ends to allow circulation of fluid throughout the entire reservoir.

The wide base helps provide stability and avoid inadvertent spills whilst a distinct "V"™ shaped base and non-binding polymer ensures entire sample is accessible, with no wastage. Sterilization via gamma irradiation ensures complete absence of contaminants.

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Posted on October 6, 2005