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Solutions to Improve Your Compound Management Process

Drug discovery processes are reliant on diverse techniques whereby different chemicals are analyzed for their activity. Compound management technology utilizes a combined knowledge of chemistry, robotics , biology , and database management to ensure the safe handling and storage of a diverse array of materials from serum and blood samples to small molecule chemical libraries that are required for assays and further experimentation, especially in High-throughput screening.

If you have a large scale chemical library and are looking to improve its operational efficiency and productivity, or simply want to be updated on the latest practices and technology then join Anachem at the Compound Management, Integrity & QC Conference on May 22nd – 23rd 2007 at Le Meridien, Piccadilly, London.

For more information regarding the conference or how Anachem can further assist in the fields of compound management, please contact Anachem using the contact details at the top of this page or visit flexus.anachem.co.uk .

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Posted on April 19, 2007