Sino Biological Recombinant Omicron BA5 and BA4 Antigens

Improved Formulation MicroSol 3+ for Effective Microbial and Nucleic Acid Removal


The improved formulation of MicroSol 3+ provides an enhanced method for convenient disinfection of pipettes and surfaces, and other small laboratory instruments, with proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi, yeasts, DNA and more. Exclusively available from Anachem, it is now reformulated to include a unique and synergistic blend of twin chain quaternary ammonium compounds (Q.A.C.s) and amphoteric biocides.

MicroSol 3+ offers an enhanced broad spectrum efficacy, improved environmental safety and is recommended for treatment of all laboratory equipment.

It is proven to be effective against key human pathogenic micro organisms and interacts with DNA and RNA molecules, to have a deleterious effect on their secondary structure, deactivating them within blood, plasma or other samples. Therefore, MicroSol 3+ serves as a suitable decontamination for pipettes and surfaces for use in molecular biology laboratories and when carrying out DNA profiling for forensic applications.

New MicroSol 3+ provides a number of benefits for cleaning and disinfecting in one easy step. It’s biodegradable, low toxicity and non-corrosive formula make it user and environmentally friendly. Additionally, MicroSol 3+ leaves no surface residues, is non-staining and produces no unpleasant odours.

MicroSol 3+ is available for purchase as a convenient ready-to-use spray, handy hard surface wipes or a 5 litre concentrate requiring a standard dilution of 1: 10 for use.

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Posted on March 27, 2007