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Complete Control for all your HPLC, Liquid Handling and SPE applications

Trilution, the revolutionary control software from Gilson, fundamental for automated systems, is now available from Anachem. This software is available in two unique versions, Trilution LH™ V2.0, offering a complete solution for all Liquid Handling and Solid Phase Extraction applications and the new Trilution LC™ designed specifically for purification.

Trilution LH V2.0 is a powerful, user-friendly software that is the ultimate in ease-of-use, flexibility and ultra-low learning. Its graphical interface enables quick and easy navigation that results in maximum efficiency. The drag and drop functionality enables you to define bed layouts and set-up instrument configurations rapidly and effortlessly. The application run screen provides complete control of your run, from setting it up to simulating and modifying the run all on a single screen.

Trilution LC like its counterpart is simple to use and offers the same flexibility and screen functionalities. It also provides unsurpassed fraction collection capabilities including conditional logic collection and increased bed capacity by adjoining additional fraction collectors, intuitive and powerful slope collection parameters and a sample list that is automatically generated for post collection processing. Trilution LC offers a complete solution for all your chromatography and fraction collection needs.

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Posted on January 26, 2007