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Insist on Genuine Spare Parts to Ensure the Highest Performance For Your Pipettes

It is crucial that every pipette performs to the highest possible standard (i.e. as new), after servicing. Using a manufacturer approved service provider and genuine spare parts is the only way to guarantee high performance and trouble free pipetting. Anachem is the ONLY Gilson approved pipette service organization in the UK and Ireland, and as such the only one to guarantee use of genuine manufacturers spare parts.

Gilson manufactured spares are subject to the highest levels of quality control and are checked and warranted. They ensure the use of quality materials such as PVDF for the best chemical resistance, compatibility and durability. The perfect size dimensions of pistons, tip-holders and tip ejectors guarantee maximum accuracy and precision plus trouble free ejection of tips.

It has been found that non-approved agencies offering to service Gilson pipettes may use salvaged parts or those made to a poorer quality in cheaper, lower grade materials. The design of which is often inaccurate. For example, extremities of tip holders are shaped differently causing inaccuracies in dead volume, gravimetric performance and tip air tightness. Tip holders are often moulded in two parts that can retain contaminants, whereas genuine Gilson tip holders are moulded in a single piece.

Now you can insist on genuine spare parts for your pipette maintenance as all Gilson pipette tip-holders, pistons and tip ejector heads are embossed with the Gilson Trident logo, guaranteeing their authenticity. Inspect spares from your service agent to ensure they are not imitations.

Those Gilson parts that are easily replaced in your own laboratory without affecting pipette calibration (seals and o-rings, tip holders, tip ejectors etc.) are now readily available to purchase directly from Anachem so that you can always ensure the highest quality, even with D.I.Y maintenance. Full details and online ordering is available at the new Anachem website www.pipetteservice.co.uk .

Anachem has been servicing & calibrating pipettes for over twenty years. It is the UK and Ireland’s largest pipette service organisation and has held UKAS accreditation since 1998. It was the first organisation, worldwide, to be designated a Gilson Centre of Excellence and is the only one in the UK & Ireland to hold this accolade.

For more information contact Anachem using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on January 23, 2007