Anachem Flexus- The First Automated Liquid Handler with Fully Integrated Centrifuge

Anachem Flexus is a completely new automated liquid handling system that brings unique features to handle multiple applications, without user intervention. Its flexibility enables integration of a vast range of peripheral instruments to enable complete protocols to be fully automated. Flexus is the only liquid handling system to incorporate an on-board centrifuge – perfect for procedures such as protein precipitation.

The Flexus centrifuge can be fully integrated into its deck or positioned alongside and accessed through an optional extended x-rail. It can accommodate two microplates, standard or deep well plates, or gel cards. A loading shutter opens and closes under software control, and an automatic homing position facilitates robotic access. Advanced safety features ensure that the unit stops if the rotor is unbalanced. With a Relative Centrifugal Force of 2000g and run times of 5 seconds to 9 hours, various samples and protocols can be handled efficiently.

This innovation brings full automation opportunities to an extensive variety of your applications, such as Protein Precipitation and blood typing. The control and elimination of potential for human error, enabled by Flexus, makes these methods more reproducible and efficient.

The specific Flexus DMPK pre-configured pipetting station puts the integrated high speed centrifuge to excellent use in fully automating traditional protein precipitation methods. The elimination of proteins from biological fluids is an important procedure in drug analysis, essential to avoid interference with downstream applications and analyses via LC/MS/MS. With Flexus DMPK, a 96 well plate can be prepared in less than 15 minutes, including addition of acetonitrile and centrifugation, without any human intervention.

For more information on the total flexibility offered by Anachem’s Automated Liquid Handling Solutions, and how they could improve efficiencies in your laboratory contact: Anachem Ltd, using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on January 11, 2007