Puritan Customization Capabilities

Automated Liquid Handling Flexibility beyond Your Imagination

At last a liquid Handler that gives you complete flexibility for your extensive range of scientific applications, without compromising the ease-of-use you demand.

The New Anachem Flexus product line offers you the most flexible, modular pipetting system available. Designed to readily adapt to your changing needs its upgradeability ensures it will keep up with today’s ever advancing scientific techniques and offers a unique syringeless pumping system that ensures reduced maintenance and delivers a wide dynamic volume range.

The open architecture of Flexus allows for simple plug 'n' play integration of a variety of peripheral devices that enable complete protocols to be automated. From plate readers, washers, incubators and shakers to centrifuges, bar code readers and more, Flexus can take control of your application. Even the most complex protocols can easily be facilitated without user intervention. With removable trays and deck elements you can effortlessly configure new applications with minimal disruption to your workflow.

There is a Flexus platform that can be configured to suit your needs whatever your application focus may be. These packages integrate additional accessories to facilitate particular processes in addition to classical liquid handling. Every application specific platform includes individual software protocols to get you up and generating results as quickly as possible. The platforms can be supplied as 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 meter base units depending on capacity or throughput required with the option to use 1,2,4,8 probe or 96 head options with either washable or disposable tips.

Whatever application you need to automate the Flexus product line currently offers solutions in the following application areas. Flexus Genome for automating molecular biology, Flexus Assay for automation of plate based techniques such as ELISA, Flexus Crystal for automating Protein Crystallography and Flexus DMPK to save time and effort in Protein Precipitation.

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Posted on October 16, 2006