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Quick and Safe Spin with Your Compact and Dependable Personal Centrifuge

Personal Centrifuge Now you can quickly and easily spin down your samples right on your bench top with the new affordable, compact and reliable GmCLab mini centrifuge from Gilson.

Available in the UK and Ireland, only from Anachem, GmCLab is comfortable to use with a transparent lid that fully opens to 160o enabling you to easily access your sample tubes. A simple pinch-type connector allows the rotor to be easily swapped in a few seconds without requiring any tools. This versatile feature quickly converts the GmCLab from accommodating single microtubes to strips of 8-PCR tubes, making it for suitable for a wide range of your applications.

Gilson GmCLab helps you perform separations by the centrifugal force produced by rapid rotation of the sample. Centrifugation starts when you close the lid down (fully secure) and keeps going until you open it by pressing down the stop lever.

You can centrifuge your solutions or media in many types of vessel including 1.5/2.0 ml (conical or round bottom shape) microtubes with screw caps or stoppers (up to 8 positions), strips of 8-PCR (0.2 ml) tubes (up to 2 strips) and single PCR (0.2 ml) tubes (up to 16 tubes)

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Posted on August 23, 2006