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New Disposable Tip Option for Liquid Handler Eliminates Contamination Risk

The new disposable tip option for the Gilson Quad-Z 215 automated liquid handler eliminates the risk of contamination between samples. Exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Anachem, this latest development also increases throughput and reproducibility. Washing steps between sample transfers are no longer longer required, enhancing both speed and efficiency.

The Quad-Z 215 accepts a fluidic range of 10µl, 200µl and 1000=µl Gilson Diamond Disposable Tips to accommodate liquid transfers from 1µl up to 1ml. These are the same high quality precision tips that are used with manual pipettes to ensure the most accurate dispensing. By offering a 1ml disposable tip option, this system provides a broader dispensing range and greater application flexibility, ideal for molecular biology applications.

Positioning the tips on the instrument bed enables quick and easy access by the Quad-Z 215's probes, while the locator plate possesses a front tip chute for convenient tip disposal. Quad-Z 215 offers total flexibility as it can be configured to incorporate disposable tips, fixed probes, or a combination of both. This option allows the flexibility to use fixed probes for non-essential steps where carryover is not an issue and disposable tips for procedures where zero cross-contamination is a necessity.

When configured with two 402 syringe pumps, the Quad-Z provides independent syringe control capability to optimise the syringe size in relevance to the tip size. This enables dispensing across a very wide volume range, on a single instrument, without the need to change hardware.

Powered by TrilutionLH, the Quad-Z 215 with the disposable tip feature is a very versatile liquid handler, able to transport liquid from and to any location

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Posted on April 6, 2006