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Anachem now have an exclusive new partnership with Munktell and GE Technologies that will bring water testing laboratories across UK and Ireland a new supply of fine quality filtration products. This extensive range of filters offers superior materials at exceptional value for money for a wide variety of applications within the water testing market. This includes specialist glass fibre for suspended solids analysis plus gridded membranes for water quality testing.

The range includes an impressive array of cost effective filter papers, available in circle, sheet or folded format. Products are available as alternatives to all other brands of papers but offers a broader range and customised cuts as a speciality.

The glass fibre products are already used within the UK and Ireland water laboratories for applications such as suspended solids, having a high mechanical wet strength and a resistance to pin holing, that is sometimes problematic with other brands. Munktell prides itself on its high level of quality control throughout its range of cellulosic papers and glass fibre products.

Extraction Thimbles are also available and can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

For the Water Microbiologist GE offers a highly competitive gridded sterile membrane. This 0.45µm 47mm membrane fits all pre-existing glassware. It features a "dotted" line grid matrix which reduces the risk of bacterial count loss. It is available both in packs of 200 and bulk packs of 1000.

However, this is only one of the wide range of membrane and encapsulated membranes supplied by GE for Water applications. GE has an extensive range of Syringe Filter devices for water filtration prior to trace metal analysis, including; Nylon, Polypropylene, PTFE, Cellulose Acetate, Cellulose Nitrate membranes. Pore sizes range from 0.1um to 10um.

For all your cellulosic paper, glass fibre and membrane needs contact Anachem using contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on March 23, 2006