Pipette Tips Prevent Contamination and Make Sample Access Easier

The new Gilson D1200 Diamond tip has been added to Anachem's extensive line of high quality precision pipette tips. This new tip has been especially designed for use with the PIPETMAN Concept C1200, PIPETMAN P1000 and PIPETMAN Ultra U1000.

The enhanced long and slender geometry of these new tips helps prevent the tip holder from coming into contact with tube and well walls and so avoids contamination. They allow for easy use even in long and narrow tubes.

The new D1200 tips have a fine point with flexibility to prevent droplet retention. With graduations along the side of the tips at 100µl and 1000µl they help offer visual volume checks.

These tips are available in a wide range of packaging options including racked, sterile and loose with the economical and environmentally friendly Tower Pack® refill system coming soon. Made of Pure Polypropylene with no dyes or additives the tips are totally Autoclavable (121°C, 0.1Mpa, 20 min).

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Posted on February 13, 2006