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New Disposable Serological Pipettes are Exceptional Value

The latest addition to the Anachem range is an extensive line of high quality, precision manufactured serological pipettes. Ideal for use with the Gilson Pipetting Aid or VITLAB Maneus, they offer exceptional value for money.

The 5ml, 10ml and 25ml standard pipettes are approximately 5cm shorter than other brands available bringing greater comfort and ergonomics, particularly when working in laminar flow or fume hoods. The single-piece construction (all pipettes up to the 25ml size) with no weld at the tips helps avoids any risk of sample hang-up, giving higher accuracy. The special patented colour coded plug and colour labels on cases and boxes immediately identifies pipette size. Clear and thin graduation marks provide maximum clarity and accuracy. Additional graduations provide extra capacity, between 10 and 30%.

This new range provides the widest choice of serological pipettes on the market today, with the high quality you expect from Anachem. The standard narrow tip pipettes in volumes from 1ml to 50ml are ideal for general laboratory procedures. Short pipettes (5ml & 10ml) offer an ergonomic design for use in confined areas, particularly tissue culture hoods. Wide tip pipettes (5ml & 10ml) ensure easy handling of viscous solutions, great for use in food microbiology or for transferring cells.

Also available are open end pipettes (1ml to 10ml) that help to ease handling of very viscous solutions or suspensions i.e. in the food or cosmetics industry, plus 1.1 & 2.2ml milk and bacteriological pipettes. Aspiration pipettes non-plugged and non-graduated enable transfer of solutions when no accuracy is required or for vacuum aspirating procedures. These sterile pipettes are a safe alternative to glass Pasteur pipettes.

These serological pipettes are available in three different packaging options: sterile individual paper/plastic wrapped, sterile plastic bulk packs of 25 for larger use areas such as industry and hospitals and economical zip-lock non-sterile bags for use in chemical labs, education or where sterility is not required.

All Anachem sterile serological pipettes are gamma irradiated and certified non pyrogenic, non cytotoxic and non haemolytic. All pipettes are manufactured in crystal polystyrene and provide accuracy to >98%. They are manufactured under Quality Management systems certified to ISO 9001:2000 and are traceable via bar-coding on all cases and lot numbers printed on all sterile bags.

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Posted on December 16, 2005