PROTROL whole organism reference material for antigen testing from Zeptometrix

4titude® FRAMEstar® PCR Plates - Now Roche LC480 and ABI Fast Compatible

4titude FRAMEstar® PCR plates, from Anachem, are now available to fit the ABI Thermal Cycler and the Roche LC480. FRAMEstar® is the only dual plastic plate available for the Roche Light Cycler PCR instrument.

Along with performance advantages, you could make huge savings in comparison to manufacturer's plates. 4titude® FRAMEstar® PCR plates, have a novel two-component design that combines the advantages of a rigid skirt and deck for reliable robotic handling together with thin-walled wells for optimum PCR results.

The wells are constructed from virgin polypropylene, providing the most efficient heat transfer, along with an inert surface with low binding capabilities for nucleic acids, proteins and other molecules.

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Posted on September 24, 2009