Gilson Pipetting Aid with Accessories

The Gilson Pipetting Aid (GPA) from Anachem provides rapid, precise, accurate, controlled pipetting with complete safety when handling liquid volumes in the 1ml to 100ml range.

The Pipetting Aid is equipped with a powerful, rechargeable, environmentally friendly NiMH battery that allows up to 8 hours of continuous work. Its high aspiration speed fills a 25ml pipette in only 4 seconds. The safety valve and replaceable membrane filter protects its mechanism from contamination by the vapours of solutions being drawn into the pipette. The Pipetting Aid is ideal for buffer or media preparations, large-volume sampling and dilutions as it ensures fast, precise and fatigue free liquid dispensing.

The optional charging stand means the Gilson Pipetting Aid is always fully charged and ready to use. Made of polypropylene, it presents a very high chemical resistance, is easy to use, lightweight and very stable thanks to three suction pads on the base.

The new optional tip adaptor enables the GPA to be used with both Gilson D5000 and D10ml tips. It fits directly on the pipette nose and does not require the pipette to be dismantled. The disposable polypropylene tips offer cost savings compared to plastic and glass pipettes normally used with pipetting aids. The tips are very convenient and ergonomic because they are shorter than classic pipettes and are the best tool for filling vessels up to the volumetric mark, like volumetric flasks. Diamond tips are made of polypropylene, which is more chemically resistant than plastic pipettes made of polystyrene. Moreover, the polypropylene is autoclavable for sterilisation purposes, which is impossible with polystyrene.

The Pipetting Aid is supplied with a pipette hanger, membrane filter (0.2µm), user's guide and a Quality Control certificate. All parts that may come in contact with liquids are autoclavable to ensure protection against cross contamination. The nosepiece has a silicone adapter with a built-in check valve which provides a firm fit for both standard glass and plastic pipettes. The safety valve blocks any liquid from entering the unit.

The Pipetting Aid has selectable operation modes - aspiration, gravity or power dispense and soft blowout at two different work speeds. This enables both very fast dispensing of large volumes and precise measuring of small volumes. The sensitive valve enables easy and exact meniscus adjustment. Comfort in use is optimised by the ergonomic handle.

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Posted on June 30, 2005