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Cultivation of Anaerobic, Micro-Aerophilic-, and Capnophilic Bacteria with the New Anoxomat MARK II system

Anoxomat Mark II Who wants to cultivate microorganisms in an oxygen-depleted atmosphere using gas generating kits (gas packs), an anaerobic cabinet, or a CO2 incubator.

During the last 20 years, hundreds of laboratories have switched to the ANOXOMAT system by Mart Microbiology. One system, which renders all others obsolete.

Combining the most (cost) efficient method of evacuation and replacement by MacIntosh & Fildes, with the acquired experience from 20 years and modern techniques, Mart Microbiology has now developed the Anoxomat Mark II.

All of the unique features are again incorporated in this "walk-by system", like the 100% reproducibility of the incubation atmosphere; the quality assurance before incubation and the speed of achieving the incubation atmosphere.

Mart Microbiology could not make operation simpler than it is today, but still improvements have been made in the precision of the atmosphere and the user friendliness of programming. With the optional recipe printer, the much-desired tracing and tracking can be covered. Soon linking to laboratory computers will be offered.

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Posted on September 22, 2003