Puritan Customization Capabilities

LTE’s Programmable Control Systems fit the bill

The new Steri-Maste multi-programmable microprocessor control system from leading British autoclave manufacturers LTE Scientific is one of the most flexible, safe, and user-friendly autoclave control systems available today.

The Steri-Master makes the selection and setting of sterilisation cycle parameters easier than ever and operates with a wide variety of load types. Holding up to eight cycle types in its memory, the Steri-Master has a data printer and RS232 output as standard, which makes it ideal for laboratories requiring accurate records to comply with regulatory requirements or quality control standards, such as ISO9000 or GLP.

The new system, which complements LTE’s Uni-program single cycle model for repetitive applications, is supplied as standard on all Kestrel and CV Series autoclaves. For Falcon and Osprey sterilisers, customers can specify either the Steri-Master or the uni-program control system.

Providing accurate cycle reproducibility and traceability, parameters for each cycle are entered via a touch-pad with commands, prompts and status messages shown clearly on an LCD screen. Many advanced features have been incorporated, including alpha-numeric inputting for programming users’ own cycle titles, and a discard cycle option for reducing cycle times for waste loads.

To provide additional safety in use, an overall cycle time option is also included, offering additional protection to users processing loads with validated cycle times. A ‘time-out’ function ensures the autoclave door cannot be opened until the load has cooled below 80’C.

For optimum security, three levels of access are built into the system - Operator, Supervisor, or Engineer. With restricted access codes, the Supervisor mode is used to set or alter program parameters whilst the Engineer mode enables only qualified personnel to adjust the machine settings.

The Steri-Master system is equipped with a sophisticated watchdog facility, which monitors the predetermined temperature limits on all three channels (the drain, the load, and the load simulator), as well as other aspects of the autoclave’s status. Error messages are displayed and printed, covering a wide range of events, whilst other fault messages are designed as an aid to trouble-shooting and maintenance.

In addition to the parameters available on the standard autoclave range, vacuum models include purge type (vac/non-vac), number of pulses, final cool method, positive steam purge option, pre-cool method and drying method. The control system on all vacuum models has an Automatic Leak Test cycle. The data printer on vacuum models also prints relevant vacuum and pressure values.

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Posted on June 5, 2002