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Big and Small - LTE has Autoclaves for All

Following their recent acquisition of Autoclave Control and Engineering Ltd (ACE), LTE Scientific has added the Touchclave® series of autoclaves to its extensive range of sterilisers. Representing excellent value for money, the reliable and easy to use Touchclave® autoclaves are available in a full range of sizes, from 300 to 7,000 litres. They can be configured to suit many applications, including porous load, GMP, high security and multi-purpose.

A major feature of the sterilisation cycle is the two-stage air removal phase - designed with power and water conservation in mind. Sub-atmospheric steam flushing and positive pulsation take place prior to steam sterilisation followed by a deep-drying vacuum for efficient and consistent load drying. On porous load models, a unique air detector continuously samples the steam to ensure no air leaks or non-condensable gases are transferred with the steam supply.

Total flexibility is a key feature of the advanced user-friendly Touchclave® control system, which is configured to suit individual cycle requirements. Mounted on the front panel to allow easy access for servicing and testing, the system incorporates a state of the art touch screen. Users simply select the appropriate cycle from the menu and the screen displays detailed information on each stage of the cycle.

Standard features include an integral printer and independent recorder, an internal data archiving function which records up to 5,000 cycles on a single flash-card, and a self diagnostic system highlighting any abnormality in the cycle. Remote diagnostics and other data storage options are offered as extras. There is also a choice of vertical or horizontal sliding doors and door sealing methods.

Widely used in medical and pharmaceutical applications, the Touchclave® series includes a multi-purpose laboratory range, offering an unrivalled number of larger capacity models. In addition, specially designed sterilisers are available for use in certain high containment situations where materials contaminated with dangerous pathogens are processed.

Touchclave® complies with BS3970, BS5500 and EN46001 (where applicable). Pressure vessels are independently certified to national/international standards. Commissioning is performed in house, in accordance with HTM 2010/2031.

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Posted on May 11, 2002

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