Computing Solutions, Inc. Introduces Averaging and Trending Features

Computing Solutions, Inc., have released LabSoft LIMS Version 7.14 which enhances the data management provided to the user with representative averaging and automatic trend notification features.

The representative averaging feature allows lab technicians to select the most representative data when calculating an average for multiple test values of a given sample/grab. The calculation creates a value that represents the multiple test values recorded for a particular sample. All test values (whether marked representative or not) are stored in the LabSoft LIMS database and can be accessed by various tools. The representative calculation is determined by averaging the test values that are 'marked' representative.

Representative data gives a company the ability to calculate and monitor verification and sample data. Verification data establishes the stability of the data collecting instruments and sample data provides accurate representations of the test values from a sample/grab.

Trend notification is an automatic service that runs a Control Chart to determine if data is trending or Out of Spec. Notices and E-mail notifications can be generated based on the Control Chart analysis.

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Posted on September 28, 2004