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New Solvent Free Parasite Faecal Concentration System

An advanced sample centrifugal preparation filtration removing the need for solvents has been developed. The array enables laboratories to prepare for parasitic examination in a rapid enclosed system with only the use of Formalin and emulsification reagents. The device is delivered with ready to use preloaded and all that is required is Faecal sample addition and a short centrifugal step to separate the parasites from the stool sample.

The procedure is performed in less than 5 minutes and is ready for microscopic examination directly.

A prominent Consultant Parasitologist said 'the New Parasep SF is a true breakthrough in the field of parasite diagnosis.' Having developed the device, Diasys Limited asked the Consultant to trial the product - with excellent results - a separate paper can be viewed on the subject on www.diasys.com

Please contact the link to receive free samples - or download the datasheet and paper from the website for further information.

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Posted on February 13, 2012