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Biohit Launches New Electronic Pipette for Precise Dispensing in Small Volumes

Biotechnology company Biohit has developed a new electronic pipette especially suitable for dispensing small volumes of liquid. Thanks to the patented technology of the pipette, the liquid is dispensed from the pipette tip very rapidly, which ensures that the tip is completely emptied. Thus there will not be the usual drop of liquid left at the tip and no need to touch the receiving vessel wall during pipetting. As a result, the handling of the liquid is contamination free, more precise and faster than with other pipettes.

Biohit will launch the pipette under the commercial name -eLINE 0.1 5 µl and it will be available globally as of June 27th 2011. The pipette is suitable for handling 0.1 - 5 micro litres of liquid and is targeted especially for molecular biology laboratories. The new pipette complements Biohit's range of single channel pipettes.

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Posted on June 20, 2011