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Disposable Aspirating Head for Microbiological Air Monitoring

All analytical material that are used for microbiological testing should be sterile and, according to the cGLP, a document of certification should prove that it has been correctly sterilized.

This rule is also valid for the aspiration head that is used with microbiological air samplers. Each cycle of air sampling should use a documented sterile aspirating head.

The "Dispo-Head", is a disposable aspirating head for microbiological air monitoring, which has been developed and produced by international pbi to simplify the workload of the microbiologist.

The "Dispo Head", made in antistatic resin plastic, is triple packed, irradiated and comes with certification of sterilisation and conformity.

It has a shelf-life of five years and it is suitable for any type of SAS Super air sampler that uses diameter 55 mm Contact Plates (RODAC).

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Source : International pbi SpA [Italy]
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Posted on January 8, 2007