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Air Sampling for Isolators

The microbiological air monitoring of isolator and restricted areas is now simplified and without the risk of contamination.

International pbi has developed and produced the most advanced and at the same time the simplest system for isolator monitoring: the "SAS Isolator" where the stainless steel sampling chamber and the operation unit of the air sampler are separated and connected by a small cable, avoiding large air tubing.

The very compact stainless steel aspirating chamber may be positioned or suspended in any convenient place inside the isolator and is sterilized by VHP. The operation unit is totally outside.

The operation unit can be connected to a printer or computer to record all sampling data.

The normal routine calibration can be performed inside the isolator using the digital "Pyramid" anemometer.

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Source : International pbi SpA [Italy]
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Posted on December 11, 2006