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Legionella pneumophila, Monitoring Using the SAS-PCR Legionella Air Sampler

The portable "SAS-PCR LEGIONELLA" air sampler can be used:
A) to collect live micro-organisms for traditional growth on agar;
B) to collect micro-organisms for "almost real time" detection by molecular biology tests with genetic probes;
C) to collect endotoxins dispersed in the air by fluorescence polarisation.

The "SAS-PCR LEGIONELLA" is the ideal choice for monitoring the presence in the air of Legionella pneumophila in cooling water and hot water systems, whirlpool baths, natural spa bath, fountains, potting composts and waste water treatment plants.

Air and sterile collecting fluid flow together through a nozzle and are poured into a vessel with a coil.The liquid is circulated continuously to prolong the contact time between bioaerosol and collecting liquid.

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Posted on March 13, 2006