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Scientific Laboratory Supplies, the Sales and Distribution partner for Integra Biosciences in the UK, are pleased to announce the arrival of MEDIAJET. A next generation plate pouring system capable of automatically filling up to 540 Petri dishes at the push of a button. The first truly 'trouble free walk away' system on the market.

The compact MEDIAJET is easy to handle as all functions are controlled via a large graphical user interface and the operation of the system is completely self explanatory. Once the dish filling process has been started, the unit is designed to work reliably in the absence of the operator.

MEDIAJET provides all features necessary to support the individual needs required in quality control. All process relevant information can be documented using a standard label printer or by directly transferring the information to a personal computer.

The MEDIAJET has a unique 'Agar Spread Function' capability that provides the most efficient use of agar through ensuring homogeneous distribution and an even surface. By minimising the agar level in the Petri dish allows a significant reduction in media costs.

For consistent agar plate quality, maintaining a clean environment during the dispensing process is essential. The surface of the MEDIAJET filling chamber is manufactured from a single piece of chemically resistant polyethylene, facilitating convenient and efficient cleaning. A powerful UV lamp provides further optimal bactericidal efficiency over the full length of the rotor where the dishes are opened during the dispensing process.

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Posted on January 23, 2006