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High Capacity Automated Petri Dish Filling with MEDIAJET

INTEGRA Biosciences has officially launched the MEDIAJET - a next generation system that enables automated filling of up to 540 Petri dishes at the push of a button.

Incorporating a new mechanical dish guidance system, monitored by a set of sensors throughout the filling process, the compact MEDIAJET is the first system to provide truly reliable, walk-away operation. Operational downtime and media loss due to 'dish jams' resulting from variations in the diameter, shape and rim profile of the disposable plastic Petri dishes are completely eliminated.

All functions on the MEDIAJET are conveniently controlled via a large graphical user interface. New intuitive software ensures operation of the system is completely self-explanatory even to occasional users. The ability to store up to 20 programmable methods provides facility to further improve unattended productivity. Designed to incorporate seamlessly into IQ/OQ certified environments the MEDIAJET provides facility, via an optional inkjet printer module, to label individual agar plates with all the relevant data to ensure complete dish traceability.

The MEDIAJET has a unique 'Agar Spread Function' capability that provides the most efficient use of agar through ensuring homogeneous distribution and an even surface. By minimising the agar level in each Petri dish the MEDIAJET enables up to 30% savings on media use compared to some traditional systems.

For consistent agar plate quality, maintaining a clean environment during the dispensing process is essential. The surface of the MEDIAJET filling chamber is manufactured from a single piece of chemically resistant polyethylene facilitating convenient and efficient cleaning. A powerful UV lamp further provides optimal bactericidal efficiency over the full length of the rotor where the dishes are opened during the dispensing process.

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Posted on October 3, 2005

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