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MEDIAJET - 540 Agar Plates at the Touch of a Button


MEDIAJET is a compact, automated Petri dish filler that requires only minimal bench space in the laboratory. Incorporating a new mechanical dish guidance system, monitored by a set of sensors throughout the filling process, the compact MEDIAJET is the first system to provide truly reliable, walk-away operation. Operational downtime and media loss due to 'dish jams' resulting from variations in the diameter, shape and rim profile of the disposable plastic Petri dishes are completely eliminated.

* High capacity in a compact footprint
* Intuitive graphical user interface
* Reliable walk-away operation
* Novel design minimises sources of contamination
* Agar distribution function reduces media consumption

To learn more about what MEDIAJET can do for you, download our technical brochure.

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Posted on December 21, 2005